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Prison Inmate Trains Dogs to Help Children with Autism

20 Mar 2014 13:40

Chris Vogt, a prison inmate from Colorado, is using his knowledge of autism to help train dogs to assist children with on the spectrum.

March 20, 2014

ABC US News | ABC Business News

(March 20, 2014) -- Chris Vogt, who is currently serving time in a Colorado Correctional Facility, is helping make a difference in the lives of nine children with autism. In 2002, Colorado Correctional Industries started a program called Colorado Cell Dogs that is focused on inmates training abandoned dogs from the area. The program was originally to train dogs to help children who were blind and deaf but Chris wanted to take it a step forward. He started reading everything he could about autism. Chris took what he learned from his books to train dogs how to help children with autism. 

When asked about the program, Chris said, "This is the thing I do to give back. When all the kids get to work with me, they don't get to see the murderer. This has given me a chance to do something better."

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